British Sugar - An AB Sugar Company

The apprenticeship was recommended to me by a mutual friend who'd also done something similar, and I decided to apply, and got accepted. The more I found out about the company, the more I liked the job, and it progressed from there.
Training and development on the apprenticeship scheme has been quite thorough - you're taken through NVQ, ONCs, HNCs many work-based courses, more specific to the job. There's a very big team aspect to it, you feel part of one team and there's always some support there for you with the training, with the job - with everything, pretty much.
There's a lot of variety which is why I like it. Obviously the job varies completely depending on if we're running or we're shut down. In the off-season your job will vary on the day, depending on what you want to do. You'll have set maintenance tasks to carry out but you can move them about to suit what's going on during the day. At campaign time when the factory's running you have to do set tasks like inspections and breakdown maintenance, and obviously if you're doing a technician or an operations job you'll be running the plant as well. When you get breakdowns there's a great team spirit to get everything going again and obviously to achieve throughput again.

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