British Sugar - An AB Sugar Company
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To help you assimilate the scale of the opportunity at British Sugar, ‘Your Tools’ provides you with various ways to help you match your skills and qualifications to our roles.

Degree Matcher -
Use this tool to help you decide at a glance where you could slot into our organisation based on your degree.

Case Studies -
This gives you the opportunity to hear from successful people already working with us as they explain a day in their life. Watching these case studies will give you a fascinating insight into the complexity and variety of work within the organisation and help you to decide which area appeals to you.

Assessment Centres - British Sugar holds assessment centres because research has shown that putting you through them dramatically increases the likelihood of getting the right candidate for the role. If you are invited you will attend with up to 11 other candidates. You will be given individual tests, group activities and presentations to judge your suitability for the role.
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